Our Vision

We aspire to be a Lighthouse Club within the Australian sporting landscape, promoting inclusivity, acceptance and community mindedness, whilst actively leading the way and sharing best practice with respect to club management and volunteer engagement. 


Our Values


Listening and supporting the Team Coach

Playing because you love the game

Putting the team before the individual


Abiding by the Code of Behaviour

Helping out around the club

Supporting the Umpires


Encouraging participants

Displaying control, respect and professionalism

Communicating clearly to Players and Parents



Giving all players a fair go

Communicating clearly to Members

Leading by Example

Mission Statement

We work with Junior Cricketers, their families and the wide community to foster a positive, engaging and supportive sporting environment. 

Our Club is built upon a culture of inclusion and a strong commitment to the continuous development of our members. 

Our reputation as the Club of Choice in the northern suburbs is based upon our belief that every individual has a valuable contribution to make to the team, with the emphasis always placed on fun and skill.