What’s the difference between District and Community cricket?

Community cricket is a participation-based competition for players of all levels of ability who are guaranteed to both bat and bowl in each game. Players bowl a minimum number of overs each game and must face a minimum number of balls when they bat before mandatory retirement in each game.


Premier Grade [District] Cricket is the next level for players who have both the ability and the attitude to perform and develop at higher levels and potentially go on to play for WA in underage competitions and then senior grade cricket and hopefully beyond. In Premier Grade Cricket, there are no requirements for players for either bat or bowl in a game. There are no retirements and there is no requirement to bowl any more than 5 bowlers per innings. Players who are selected as bowlers may not bat and vice versa.

There is a higher level of commitment required to play districts cricket. Training can be more intense for many players coming out of community cricket. All coaches are qualified as Level 2 Representative Coaches and run excellent training programs through the season. We also provide an extensive specialist-coaching program for all players to benefit from as well as encourage those that can to undertake some private coaching to help develop their game further.

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