Frequently Asked Questions

The following information has been taken from the webpage of the Joondalup District Cricket Club. It provides an excellent overview of what’s involved in District cricket, but bear in mind, some of the information will be reflect policies and procedures in place at this particular club.


When are games played and how often?

U13’s/U14’s play on Sunday afternoons and U15’s/U17’s play on Saturday mornings

When is training?

This will depend on the individual coaches. U15’ and U17’s usually train twice per week. The coaches will notify the players of their training night/s following the selection process.

Is kit provided or do we have to buy it?

Both training and playing kit is included as part of the registration fee. Training kit consists of cap, shirt and shorts and playing kit consists of wide brimmed hat, shirt and pants. Additional kit, such as long sleeved playing shirts, can be purchased at an additional cost.

Is there a registration fee?

Yes. The fee structure for season 2018-19 will be announced following the selection process. Last year’s fee structure was as follows:

U13’s & U14’s = $325
U15’s & U17’s = $405

Discounts of between 10%-20% are offered to families with more than one child playing in the junior teams.

How does the trial process work?

The first phase of the trial process will be completed within the individual community clubs. The community club coaches will identify players who they believe are good enough to be considered for selection to play district cricket. In early February, coaches from JDCC will be available to attend community club’s training sessions/internal trial sessions to offer advice and to assist in the initial trial process. Community club Presidents are aware of this and will be responsible for requesting assistance from JDCC coaches.

If my child played for a particular community cricket club would they have a better chance of playing for Joondalup Districts?

No. All community clubs feeding players to JDCC have an equal chance of its players being selected for district cricket. The trial process is based totally on merit and ability, not which community club you play for.

What’s the club expectation of players and parents?

JDCC has a club ethos and expects all players and parents to uphold this ethos. The ethos is centred on having respect for each other, teammates, opponents and umpires. All players and parents have to sign to confirm their acceptance of the club ethos as part of the registration process.


If I have an issue whom do I contact?

In the first instance, and dependent upon the issue, initial contact should always be with the team coach. Most issues can be easily resolved by the coach however if no resolution can be achieved then the matter can be referred to the Director of Coaching (for specific cricket related matters) or the Junior President for all other matters. The email address of the Junior President is


Do you need volunteers?

We are always on the lookout for volunteers who can ‘value add’ to the current excellent work undertaken by the junior committee. Once the squads have been selected then work will commence to appoint the committee and executive positions. Volunteers within the individual teams are also required (such as scorer and team manager). The coaches will provide more details on these positions once the teams have been selected.

What’s the difference between the Centurions and Joondalup teams?

Although JDCC is one club; we are very fortunate to have two teams competing in each age group. These teams are called Joondalup and Centurions. During the selection process, players are selected into either Joondalup or Centurions. Teams are selected equally and there is not an ‘A’ or ‘B’ team. During the season, Joondalup and Centurions play each other just like they would play any other team in the league.

Why isn’t there an U16’s team?

This is a subject that has been discussed many times however at the moment the format of the competition does not have an U16’s age group.

How and when will we get to know if my son has been selected or not?

Unsuccessful players will receive notification first. It is anticipated this will be done by individual email a few days before the selected players are notified. For selected players, the squads will be released on the JDCC website on a yet to be confirmed date/time.

What is the cut off date for the respective age groups at District cricket?

A player must not play in a Junior Competition cricket match unless they meet the following age-based criteria for the applicable Junior Competition on 31 August immediately preceding the season:

(a) Under 17 (WADCC Shield) – less than 17 years;
(b) Under 15 (Watkins Shield) – less than 15 years;
(c) Under 14 (McKenzie Shield) – less than 14 years; and
(d) Under 13 (Inverarity Shield) – less than 13 years






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