Any Girl Can

Sophie had always liked cricket. From a young age she’d played cricket in the backyard with her family, especially her brother, who liked cricket as much as she did.

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Every year, Sophie and her family would go and watch the Australians play at the WACA. She liked seeing all the different types of people who loved going to the cricket.  Sophie enjoyed dressing up in her Aussie colours and cheering for her favourite players, as well as sneaking in the odd ice-cream during the day! She like all the cricket, but she really, really loved  Australia v England. These teams had been battling it out for over 100 years!

Sophie also loved watching the Perth Scorchers, who wouldn’t?  Going to the Scorchers was great because everyone always seemed super excited – they cheered extra loud, plus they were usually night games and it was always hot and warm. And you could dress up in orange and there were always giveaways.

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When Sophie went on holidays with her family, cricket wasn’t far from her mind, even if it was winter! You could always pretend you were still playing cricket. Throwing a paddy melon in the middle of a farm paddock could suddenly turn into getting a run out to win the match off the last ball of the day!

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In Melbourne, Sophie got to visit the MCG, but her brother hogged the microphone – how typical!

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And then In England she went to Lords. She loved the buildings and history. She touched the soft, green grass. She thought about the players who had been where she was standing.  That’s part of what makes cricket cool.


At school she did a research assignment on Don Bradman, the greatest batter of all time. And she wrote a biography about Ellyse Perry, a girl who had to choose between cricket and football – what a star!

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When summer rolled around again Sophie always made sure she signed up for cricket. When she first started playing, there wasn’t a team just for girls, so she played with the boys. She loved getting to the ground early with her kit bag and helping  her Coach set up the cones and the stumps.

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Sophie went to the WACA to watch the WBBL Grand Final. The Perth Scorchers were playing the Sydney Sixers. Sophie loved seeing the women cricketers hit the ball to all parts of the ground. They looked like they were having a great time out there on the WACA!

At the end of the game, Sophie was lucky enough to be given a helmet by one of the winning players. She wore it that weekend when she played against the boys in Under 10’s.

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For her next season of cricket, Sophie signed up to play in the Perth Scorcher’s Girls League with a heap of her friends. They’ve designed a new Club shirt, in purple, pink and blue, a new Club ‘Stingers’ Logo and they can’t wait to get started playing against other girls. They’re sure to have a lot of laughs along the way.


Any girl can play cricket!

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